About the Founder

Candice Rose is the head trainer and owner of Rosebuds Beauty Academy. She created Rosebuds Beauty Academy with the passion to teach individuals and beauty enthusiasts the knowledge and skills required for ultimate success. Directly resulting in increased earing potential within one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

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My Story

Teaching has been a life long dream for me and began when I left secondary school working as a pre school teacher, which I found extremely rewarding.  As my own children started to grow up I decided to try something new and wanted to get into the beauty industry. My career in this sector began when I attended college to complete my level 2 in Cosmetic make up. Since that time I have gained 17 different qualifications including Anatomy and physiology, Naturopathy (alternative medicine), Education and Training and various Beauty and Aesthetics courses.

I have built  and continue  to build an amazing career in the cosmetology sector. After completing my first course I stated working in a salon where I progressed up the ranks from assistant all the way to manager, furthering my training throughout. I have also had the opportunity to meet some amazing people along the way and even landed a position with a well known brand and have had my work featured on their adverts. After achieving this and more I decided I wanted to progress my knowledge even further and became fully qualified in Aesthetics treatments too..

I am sure your wondering by now... Am I finished at this point? Absolutely not! I really wanted to combine my industry expertise, passion to support and teach and my determination to help and encourage others succeed. So, I created Rosebuds Beauty Academy where individuals can access the knowledge, skills and certificates needed to achieve their own success too. 


If you are interested in face to face courses or group training sessions, please get in touch!