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 About the Founder

Candice Rose is the head trainer and owner of Rosebuds Beauty Academy. She created Rosebuds Beauty Academy with the passion to teach individuals and beauty enthusiasts the knowledge and skills required for ultimate success. Directly resulting in increased earing potential within one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

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My Story

Rosebuds Beauty Academy is the culmination of my desire to provide experience, guidance, and academic support to assist those joining one of the UK’s fastest growing industries, and to boost the existing credentials of cosmetic professionals.
I began a career at the busy, but richly rewarding level of preschool, helping to foster the development and academic dreams of young children. But as my own children grew older, I found myself drawn to a career in cosmetics, starting college with a level 2 qualification in cosmetic make up. I joined a salon at the entry level, and worked my way up to assistant manager.
17 qualifications later, I had furthered my training in a number of diverse, interesting fields: anatomy, physiology, naturopathy, among others. And perhaps more importantly I was putting my past experiences to work, gaining qualifications in education and training.
It was the culmination of these qualifications, as well as various courses in beauty and aesthetics, that bought me into contact with a well-known brand in the cosmetic field, and I saw the fruits of my academic training in a series of adverts featuring my work.
This appreciation for education - a passion for teaching and helping others to succeed - is what led to the founding of Rosebuds.
Whether you’re planting the seeds of a new professional pursuit, or looking to enhance your existing education and achievements - we will give you access to the knowledge, skills, and certification you need to grow your career in cosmetics and beauty, and see it blossom


If you are interested in face to face courses or group training sessions, please get in touch!


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